Saturday, January 22, 2011

Volvo cars to be sold in India to have Pedestrian Detection

The Volvo S60 in India will have Pedestrian Detection and will monitor traffic to prevent low speed rear-end collisions.

The system can track up to 62 moving, carbon-based life forms, calculating if any of them are on an intercept course. If a collision with one of these data-pedestrians seems imminent, the car will alert the driver with flashing red lights and a frantic beeping. If the driver still doesn't react, the car will slam on the brakes, avoiding the pedestrian up to speeds of 22 mph.

IMO: Tiny Goa has a death a day from road accidents and certainly needs these precautions. This innovation is far from perfect - people will still get hit - but better than the present situation where there can be genuine fear to cross some roads. 110% purchase tax.

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