Sunday, January 23, 2011

USA citizens mainly socialist

A new WaPo/ABC News poll shows:  Favorability for the "Tea Party": 35%,  Favorability for "Socialism": 36%  Further details here. Indeed, this seems to have almost always been the case.

Media like Fox News are right wing so they naturally say that people are right wing. They also influence voting but so far they have not been able to destroy America. A matter of time before this Chinese organistion (Fox News) does destroy the US, and this will not be in the interests of the Chinese either.

IMO: I just hope things will improve, They could get better after Rupert dies, but I would not bet on it. Possibly best if he stays alive and just gets nuttier, like Howard Hughes did. I've only admiration for Rupert's ability, though, but it does not look as if it has significantly passed to his discendants.

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