Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange coalition

Seems the Tories ran a campaign against the LibDems at Saddleworth. They obviously had no chance of winning a seat but may well have forced the defeat of their Libdem partner, who had lost on the previous election by only 105 votes !

The Guardian said "the Tories decided to run a more energetic byelection campaign after complaints from across the party". Some 'Party' ! Some 'coalition' !

While many Lib Dem voters defected to Labour, some Conservative voters switched to the Lib Dems - the first and only serious evidence of anti-Labour tactical voting by supporters of the coalition.

IMO: Fair enough, why do the LibDems not revert to Labor if Cameron will not support them adequately in a non-threatening but tight spot. Thats what coalition politics are all about. I doubt if Didi would have put up with that.

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