Saturday, January 29, 2011


The BBC has done an interesting article on networking and mentions a comment made by EFF founder J.P. Barlow : '.. after 30 years spent exploring virtual communities, none come close to the original. "Facebook is more like the global suburbs than the global village," he said. "And what you say on Twitter lasts 20 minutes. If Christ had tweeted the sermon on the mount, it might have lasted until nightfall. I think the last one I saw that really felt like it might become the real thing was what was there on the Well."'

IMO: I agree, the Well was absolutely marvellous. I do not significantly use Facebook but Facebook etc. are simply commercial ploys and ring false overall. Networking theory should put this right but it may well end up simply corrupting itself instead - if it has not already done so. So common in this world. Places where there are true stress and tension, like Egypt, may put things right - or not.

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