Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kishore Mahbubani: The West will use India to contain China's rise

Kishore Mahbubani says "Why India? The simplest answer is that from year 1 to year 1820, the two largest economies were China and India....

From the point of view of Western geopolitical interests, with China and India returning as the number one and number two non-Western powers in the world, what better geopolitical scenario could there be for the West than for the number one and number two to struggle against each other as they are rising? And if they both succeed in slowing down the rise of each other, won’t the prime beneficiary of this be the West?"

IMO: It happened with India and Pakistan, where the US turned aid to Pakistan into a poisoned chalice for Pakistan, which is, and with continued Western "assistance" will remain, a failed nation. That being said, India has to be wary of all other nations at the moment.

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