Saturday, January 29, 2011

Indian students get cattle tags in US

Several Indian students, possibly over 100, of the now shutdown “sham” Tri-Valley University in California have been forced to wear radio collars around their ankles so that the US authorities can keep tabs on their movements. In addition to these directly enrolled students, each of whom paid Tri-Valley University $2,700 per semester, several other Indian students from reputed US universities shifted unwittingly to this dubious university in recent times.

Human Rights supporters have called the move “degrading and inhuman.”

Minister for overseas Indian affairs Vayalar Ravi said on Saturday that the students were unaware of the fact that the university had no registration. India has asked the US authorities to remove these “unwarranted monitors” and treat the students fairly. The fixing of tags on the students is “unwarranted and should be removed,” said the Ministry of External Affairs.

IMO: 'Only in America ?' I have heard all this before. The students are mainly from Andra Pradesh so are presumably often Muslims. But I imagine none of them want to be treated like cows, sacred or otherwise. Actually tags is not a bad idea as a very temporary measure IMO, certainly better than unwarranted detention or immediate deportation, particularly if the tags are concealed. But, to keep serious track of such people, perhaps President Obama and all his staff should be also given cattle tags when they leave the 'safety' of the USA.

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