Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hospital project waits years for space

Bengal’s first super-speciality government hospital outside Calcutta had to wait years with new machines wrapped and idle because the authorities were hunting for a place to house the facility in CPM bastion Burdwan.

The hospital, an extension of Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, will have an advanced cardiology, nephrology, urology and burn units as well as a trauma care centre — a long-standing demand as the accident-prone National Highway 2 is close to the centre.

The Congress, however, dubbed the project’s opening a “stunt” before the Assembly polls this summer.

IMO: It does seem to be a stunt, and the long delay is very typical indeed of CPI(M) mismanagement. CPI(M) needs to lose power, and Agnivesh thinks so too. Swami Agnivesh thinks there will be poll violence, and warns it will continue if Didi wins some power. Possibly true and certainly deplorable. But Congress and Trinamool do seem to be working together which allows hope for the future and the possibility of eventual law and order. A pity about A. Raja though, as at some point the massive 'wheels within wheels' situation could deteriorate - but hopefully it will not.

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