Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guardian Reports News Corp. Investors "Growing Restless" Over Phone-Hacking Scandal, Rabbi Criticism

In a January 29 article, the Guardian reported that News Corp. "investors are said to be growing restless," highlighting a phone-hacking surrounding News Corp. publication News of the World and an ad signed by 400 rabbis published in The Wall Street Journal calling on Rupert Murdoch to "sanction Glenn Beck" for his repeated use of Holocaust and Nazi imagery.

What happens next in the phone-hacking scandal is in the hands of the police and the civil courts. Before Murdoch's commercial rivals overindulge in schadenfreude they should remember that the new police investigation will look everywhere for invasions of privacy, a practice that is at the heart of British tabloid journalism. This story has a long way to go — and it may not always be Murdoch's papers that are in the headlines.

IMO: The traditional English way is to cover for the entrenched UK clique, newspapers and politicians alike, and to ensure Rupert does not need to be depressed any more - after all, he has the same background as the UK higher-ups - its the rest of us who take the knocks in the UK, the poor, the old and students in particular are unfairly disadvantaged by the current criminal regime.

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