Friday, January 14, 2011

France is our biggest ally, declares Obama

The remarks, during a White House appearance with Mr Sarkozy, will reinforce the widely-held view in British diplomatic circles that Mr Obama has less interest in the Special Relationship than any other recent American leader, according to the UK "Daily Mail". But many say that it simply points to Obama's public statements as being one of the causes that he may likely be a 'one term president'.

IMO: There has never been a 'special relationship' between the USA and the UK. The US tends internationally to support its own citizens, and always has. We can see this in many places, and I should not need, for example, to quote the notorious Hamburger and Learned Hand rulings, or refer to the 'NatWest Three'. Perhaps Obama is simply trying to be factual, but as a one term president, does it really matter ?

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