Sunday, January 23, 2011

First air-conditioned public toilet in Margao

The expensive toilet block in the Municipal garden – likely to cost a whopping Rs 20 lakh – will be thrown open for the public any moment.

IMO: Actually unusual for Goa, in Dubai they even have air-conditioned bus shelters but it is rather warmer there. Heat in Goa is never excessive IMO (I speak as an Australian used to warmth).

Others say "The regular toilets those existing are in shambles, no person can pass in the area of these toilets with nostrils open." "You see the same toilets in two days time, it will be filthy with pan sludge strewed all over the walls and after few months all the ghatis will be sleeping in it as their house". "The whole place is full of garbage, one has to take care whilst walking every step because of the terrible garbage, the horrible pavements and life-threatening traffic. You are bound to meet fraudsters and swindlers every second in Madgaon. BE WARNED !!!"

IMO: All the above seems fair comment but most places in the world could do with improvement. Goa should not sell iself short even though its many attractions need careful handling, which they do not seem to always obtain.  The Mikky Pacheco matter sums it up, details aside.

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