Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The destruction of nine new Nimrod jets is folly

So say comments in the UK Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror,and most of other independent papers. Even Alex Salmond says so. The BBC describe the scrapping as 'controversial'.

It is said that several million pounds have been saved, but a massive gap in British security has opened.

IMO: I do not comment yet, but I just pointed out about politicians that "There were plenty like (Beveridge) in those days, and that is why we defeated Hitler, the present bunch of crooks will grovel to any dictator for a little money".  That is how it is. But I also have to point out in favour of the duds and crooks running the UK Government that in September 2009 "The Register" pointed out, that incomparison with the Indian air defense system - actually far from ideal -  "We can expect that the 8 Indian planes will offer significantly more capability that the 9 British ones" (at a cost of 40% less). I must say it almost seems safer in India already.

Something has not changed, though. FWIW it seems that "the people who negotiate contracts for BAe are much, much better at it than the people who negotiate for the gummint".

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