Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chinese wikileaks

Apparently China has its own version of 'wikileaks' and like the Assange wikileaks, it actually does  'leak', according to the US "Wall Street Journal".

IMO: But, as I predict is happening in the UK, wikileaks will not effectively prevent crime at the top end. "Mr. Big" will still be Prime Minister or head of state, as he still seems to be in the UK, with the attempts to increase hospital waiting times and neglect the poor, old, ill and students. And people in the top jobs are still putting the money into their own pockets

The WSJ suggests that, as happened over the UK Telegraph expenses leaks in the UK and as I believe will be the case over the current Swiss bank leaks, the criminals in top jobs will still cover up for each other. WSJ actually says "Although the (Chinese) government has taken swift action to discipline offenders and stop inappropriate practices every time a particular case is exposed, this has not prompted any reform of the current governance system. Problems of misuse of public funds and unjustifiable privileges of officials persist. Every information leak is like a gentle breeze. It comes and goes, and, on its own, it can’t bring a new political culture."

IMO: Armed revolution was almost tried in the UK some years ago, but there have to be better answers, perhaps involving advanced results arising from some of Milgram's research such as some aspects of complex network theory. But right now wikileaks may be the best we have, and good use should be made of it.

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