Saturday, January 08, 2011


Clearly Wikileaks disclosures have already helped provide the possibility for the USA to improve itself. EFF summarises 4 of these cases:

1. Child Prostitution by U.S. Private Contractors
2. Pfizer Sought to Blackmail Nigerian Regulator to Stop Lawsuit Against Drug Trials on Children.
3. U.S. tried to Bully Spain Into Adopting Untested Anti-P2P bill.
4. U.S. offered use of Intelligence to Uganda for War Crimes.
5. U.S. broke promises over Guantánamo Detainees.

IMO: Unlikely the USA will benefit itself by righting these (probably) serious wrongs. A pity the US is not a democracy like India is. India has its own Cablegate with more than 800 tapes and it did not take a foreigner to produce them. Hopefully some of the matters will be rectified but the US offers little hope of improvement. And, of course, the enormous amount of corruption in the UK is almost unbelievable, even a member of the Parliamentary opposition was recently only given a very light "open prison" sentence when ordinary members of the public would have gone down for at least four years. And local Government taxation corruption in Tory controlled boroughs like Fulham and Hammersmith is almost unbelievable. Genuine charities are taxed in Fulham and Hammersmith to the hilt, when they should pay no tax. The Law is being broken or bent by the authorities in such criminally corrupt boroughs where some Tories should be jailed for a very long time.

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