Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bull-bars and US firearms regulations

Bullbars could be banned under changes to the national road safety rules currently being considered by the Australian Federal Government.

IMO: I am quite familiar with kangaroos and I can see that many country people in Australia will want bull bars. I speak as someone who drove quite a lot in the Australian outback and collided with a kangaroo in darkness. It was a large kangaroo and seemed pretty surprised that anyone had dared to collide with it. I was driving a Volkswagen beetle and the kangaroo won, but I lived. So I can see that the bull bar issue is a genuinely contentious one, and capable of more than one remedy. I am not quite so familiar with US firearms laws but I did obtain a book whilst visiting the US which mentioned some properties which were being given away free by the US government. Out of interest I went and looked at these, they were nice properties in respectable areas, often enough. I did not have any bad experiences and the people seemed nice but I soon became clear that there is a case for varying firearms legislation in the US. The answer to these matters ? I do not know, but there are clearly real problems and in the US, the firearms arguments seem to be handled badly by those who are packing heat and doing politics.

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