Thursday, January 27, 2011

Assange and America

The NY Times says about Assange "We live and work in a city that has been tragically marked as a favorite terrorist target, and in the wake of 9/11 our journalists plunged into the ruins to tell the story of what happened here... yet we cannot let those sympathies transform us into propagandists, even for a system we respect.”

But "It will be a sad day for American jurisprudence if the (Assange) website is prosecuted for spilling government secrets, the top editor of The New York Times says." "... seems to run up against the First Amendment and the best traditions of this country.”

IMO: In short the gun-totin' publicity-seeking politicians and others with vested interests speak for their own benefit and against America and American values. The 'tea party' types being one example.

IMO: Why does Assange seem to dislike America. Well, as someone who was educated at a state (free) school in Australia, Assange's righteous anger against the US seems rather like the way many of us (the majority) felt against the pedophile (Roman Catholic) schools. True, their textbooks were better, they even had grass on the playing field grounds but so they should have, they were state subsidised and their parents were paying too. And often enough, they were literally buggered by the priests supposed to teach them moral values. But what a lot of sad pompous creeps, who did not even believe much of the priest's claptrap, but firmly held to the view that they were disadvantaged intellectuals. Well I have no idea of Assange's religion if any but his attitude to Americans seems to parallel what we thought (often rightly) about Catholic schoolkids. And what is more, Assange is probably right. As for Roman Catholics, more Catholic bombs recently in Belfast, I understand. The Irish question probably is still with us because of Parnell and the refusal of home rule. Ireland would have been prospering now if Ireland had had effective home rule by 1880, instead of having to rely on the dodgy EEC. And what is America doing ? Blotting its copybook all over the world. China is creating megacities, whilst the US is still trying to censor free speech.

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