Thursday, December 23, 2010

UK Telegraph said to undermine MPs

The UK Daily Telegraph has caused "great damage" to the relationship between MPs and constituents with its undercover sting tactics, Vince Cable says.

IMO: But surely people should know what is happening. For example, Care Minister Paul Burstow told the undercover reporters: "I don't want you to trust David Cameron". Well that sounds essential advice to all, for a start. Vince Cable is probably a bit annoyed that the fact that his personal opinions on Sky and on Murdoch came out. But they are probably correct views anyway, as so much in Murdoch's media publications is, and always has been, total crap. Fox News in the US, for example, is clearly appalling, and the continuance of such media publications is in itself a heavy threat to the continued existence of free enterprise and indeed capitalism per se. It is really no surprise that Murdoch is now based in China, with its anticapitalism and authoritarianism. Do not forget the Tiananmen square massacre, that still is very much the overall Chinese approach. And many Chinese would benefit if things improve for them without yet another 'great leap backwards'. And the UK would benefit  a lot if Cable's views were considered more rationally, rather than merely rebuked by two-bit journalists in it for the money.

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