Saturday, December 18, 2010

UK is now "third world" - offical comment

Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted were closed for much of the day, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded on one of the busiest holiday weekends of the year.

In contrast, Stockholm airport, where more than a foot of snow fell yesterday, remained open with the only cancellations those flying to the UK. In Sweden there was some bemusement that the UK had ground to a halt. At Stockholm's Arlanda airport its three runways can be cleared in six to 10 minutes

Balpa, the pilots' union, last night blamed the airport owners for failing to invest in the equipment that would keep runways open. David Reynolds, Balpa's flight safety spokesman, said: "We have known we were getting this weather for at least a week. There should be no reason why these runways are not cleared. It is appalling. ... They don't have enough snow ploughs and de-icing equipment to cope. (the UK) is absolutely Third World."

IMO: Standards have greatly fallen since and during the Thatcher years throughout in the UK - from thieving and incompetent politicians like Clegg, Cameron,and most of Labor - down to lazy greedy workers expecting large sums of money for no work. The UK has for so long lived off foreign countries from Australia to Africa that they have forgotten that they have to work to survive. Morally the UK  has reached the low standards of the PIGS, and the UK citizens are hardly fit to be pigs in a pig toilet.

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