Tuesday, December 07, 2010

UK comments on Australia

The UK Daily Telegraph writes "Something in the Australian national psyche does seem to be shifting. A recent poll by the Australian National University revealed that interest in sport is in decline. According to Dr Rod Lamberts: “We see Australians saying they are more interested in science, technology and medical issues than films, music and even that most sacred Aussie pastime – sport.”"

IMO: Of course that is a splendid thing, if true. But I think Australians were never really fanatical about sport. Certainly for hobbies, the Brits were the real fanatics. For example, for model railways, hiking, even chess, and all the rest of it, Australians would take these things for what they were - leisure pastimes, but the British were often enough quite the opposite. Unfortunately there is just possibly a general decline in Australian moral standards, possibly because of the selfstyled "two bob Poms" now running the Australia and continually going cap in hand to generally quite noxious foreign powers without even UK levels of 'fair play'. At least the UK politicians and civil servants at one point had the grace to admit that they are 'economical with the truth'. They certainly are, and that is putting it mildly.

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