Thursday, December 09, 2010

Telecoms and Tata

Ratan Tata called a lawmaker's claim that Tata Group jumped a queue for spectrum 'attempted character assassination.' He also said Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s indictment of policy on the sector was not factual and meant to meet political ends.

IMO: My own experience of Tata mobile is that it is total crap. In Vasai East, I can't even get a signal with a Tata card in my own home and have complained to the firm about this over a period of time. In South Goa I know that a number of small businesses have lost work owing to the bad coverage by Tata in this area. And it is other firms as well as Tata. I reluctantly obtained an Aircel card in Goa to save time, but I took it that their name was possibly a knock-off of Airtel as that sort of thing is common practice in other areas where firms try to steal a consumer base and then sell it off. Indeed, Aircel tried to sell off later to several firms, for what reason I do not know. Actually, the Aircel card gave extremely good coverage for about 6 months until just before the A. Raja matter. But at this time there is 'no coverage' anywhere at all with my Aircel card where I am in South Goa so I have abandoned the Aircel card. Lately the regulator TRAI has been trying to punish Aircel, along with other operators.

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