Friday, December 31, 2010

Petty crime in Delhi

At least 20% of murder cases registered in the Capital in 2010 was over petty reasons, possibly around 100 convictions.

A man murdered his neighbour for kicking his dog in Outer Delhi.

A man was killed for breaking the queue at a public toilet in Civil Lines, North Delhi.

A man refused to let another man make a call from his cellphone, and was murdered.

An educated couple was arrested after they beat up and set afire the hands of their underage domestic help after the girl burnt the chapattis for dinner in January this year.

A man was beaten to death after he raised an objection to his neighbour passing urine at the wall of his house.

Is it 'just Delhi'? Perhaps not. The tinge of sarcasm in the two letters Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s sent recently to West Bengal Chief Minister Buddha-deb Bhattacharya cannot be missed. Chidambaram has not only asked Buddhadeb to himself suggest another word for ‘Harmad’ (hired killers) — the usage of which had been strongly objected to by the Bengal CM — but also sought to correct him on the number of his own party’s cadre killed or injured.

Now it seems Buddha can't meet Chidambaram in Delhi at the moment.

Didi says (in some detail) that Buddha is arrogant and a friend of the Maoists.  As noted earlier in this blog, CPI(M) militia seem to be killing off potential TMC supporters.

IMO: What a sad state of affairs.  But AFAIK, at least the 'murder buses' in Delhi may have been reduced with the introduction of the now crowded subway

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