Friday, December 10, 2010

No New Charges in British Phone-Hacking Case

British prosecutors said Friday that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against Andy Coulson, the alleged porn star in adult films and current chief communications adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron.

IMO: It seems clear to many people from information given, that Coulson either was consistently doing his job incompetently or was simply a dishonest liar, or both. This does not look good for Coulson or his employer.

IMO: Concerning the matter of no charges being brought : Obviously there seems to be many faults somewhere. In another recent case, innocent young demonstrators reasonably protesting claim to have been trapped into police violence. In yet another case the UK police almost ended up allowing Prince Charles and his wife to be physically attacked, and I think you can't help feeling sorry for that eccentric old pair. As the saying goes 'something should be done' and at the moment the buck stops with the LibDem coalition.

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