Sunday, December 05, 2010

MPs exploiting the poor

UK MPs have been exploiting rules intended to end the scandal of second-home expenses – by claiming taxpayers’ money for a third. Some are earning thousands of pounds by letting out the second homes they bought with public funds, then moving into a rented third home nearby – and claiming Commons expenses on that instead. The move also means they can dodge a new clawback measure that would force them to pay back up to £20,000 of profits made on the sale of second homes.

The Daily Mail lists a few of the many offending MPs, as does the Independent, and the Mirror points out that Cameron's new rules have even made MPs 'better off'.

IMO: So much for the "Duckpond and Moat" crowd who run Westminster clamping down on corruption. They have made it worse. The poor and the elderly are dying of the cold and getting no help from the Government and pretty well most other people just want to get rich quick, usually at the expense of the poor, the elderly, scholars, genuine charity workers and so on. What a disgrace ! So far only Labor MP David Shaylor has been jailed but half the Tory Government should rightfully be in prison.

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