Friday, December 03, 2010

The lunatic who thinks he's Barack Obama

According to the "Asian Times" (of HongKong and Thailand), Napoleon was a lunatic who thought he was Napoleon, and the joke applies to the 44th United States president - Obama - with a vengeance. The paper says Obama is beyond reality; he has become the lunatic who thinks that he is Barack Obama.

The reasons given include the fact that the US State Department has massive evidence that Obama's approach - "engaging" Iran and coddling Pakistan - has failed catastrophically. The crisis in diplomatic relations heralded by the press headlines is not so much a diplomatic problem - America's friends and allies in Western and Central Asia have been shouting themselves hoarse for two years - but a crisis of American credibility. Much more is said in the article.

IMO: Many people feel Obama is too pro-Islamic and present good reasons. But Obama has had a lot of problems with the remains of George Bush's created problems, John McCain's created problems and indeed Bill Clinton's created problems. The latter two characters created the current US depression. But we can see why Obama lost mid-term votes, it is not just the ridiculous so-called "tea-party" but Obama should have acted in a more pro-American way right from the start (when he could have done and had electoral support) and certainly that does not mean a pro-Islamic way - Islam hardly needs enemies if it has friends like Obama. Dealing with Iran and Pakistan should have been an early priority, and so should helping Russia. Certainly Russia's problems were caused by itself not by the US and very certainly it is still prosperous, but how long will Europe be able to support the US if it does not improve its posture. One small question: which new member would benefit the EU most ? (Islamic) Turkey or Russia ?

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