Sunday, December 26, 2010

Joe McCarthy still lives - and assassinations by failing corrupt big business begins

Bank of America, PayPal, Mastercard and Visa now refuse to handle payments for WikiLeaks.

Assange says "It's a new type of business McCarthyism in the US to deprive this organization of the funds that it needs to survive, to deprive me personally of the funds that my lawyers need to protect me against extradition to the US or to Sweden."

Naturally people affiliated with Wikileaks have already been assassinated - sources say this, but details are not yet available.

Some say that when Assange is assassinated, there will be a seance which reporters from most newspapers will attend. Assange will appear as a bright green ghostly figure. He will be asked  - who was your killer - was it the British-trained Bangladesh murder squad, for example ? Assange will doubtless answer - "I have all the answers: I know who God is, I know what heaven is like, I even know who killed me. But God has asked me, as a special favor, just to answer one question as time is limited because of the big bottleneck caused by  the huge number of American citizens being transported to eternal hell". Immediately a Fox News reporter shouts "Why have you turned green ?" Assange answers "That one is easy, it is because the grass is always greener on the Other Side".

IMO: Perhaps viral jokes will be the only hope in a non free world of the kind we seem to be getting.

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