Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Indian hacker group defaces websites; more than 100 targeted

Some of the targeted Pakistan sites are mentioned here, and of course include such sites as the Pakistan Scientific and Technology Center.

The hackers posted a message stating “Hacked by Indian Cyber Army”. This message was followed by a picture of the US soldiers raising a flag on the Japanese island at the time of World War II and the American flag was digitally transformed into the Indian national flag. The hackers apparently wish to pay "homage to the martyrs of the Pakistani 26/11 terror attacks".

IMO: UK media already are concerned  with the latest WikiLeaks cables which highlight a probable Pakistani nuclear terror threat. The UK media seems to consider that the US strategy of keeping quiet over fears about Pakistan's nuclear security is not working. Certainly the efforts of ordinary Indian patriots those like Jackh4x0r, LuCkY, SiLeNtp0is0n]-, Str1k3r, InX_ro0t, Darkl00k,Ne0h4ck3r, Mr52, Th3.rdx, G00gl3warr10r, Atuldwivedi, c00lt0ad and  eXesouL do suggest a laxness of Pakistan with regards to necessary security, a point which I have already made about North Korea. And that is of course the very least of it !

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