Monday, December 20, 2010

Gawker hacking

Gawker were seemingly hacked because they did not wholeheartedly approve of Assange (of Wikileaks). It is presumably not known whether that is the reason they were hacked or simply that somebody wanted to make money at their expense.

Anyway the material exposed now by Gawker in turn, in this case about Assange, was apparently genuine and honestly offered to Gawker.

It certainly makes Assange seem a creep and a nerd of some sort but hardly seems to affect Wikileaks as such.

IMO: The disclosure may turn out to be good for Wikileaks, removing Assange as a personality cult figure but there may be many other effects. But, whilst often transparency is to be favored and so far the guilty parties have seemed to be the US politicians who complained rather too vigorously about Assange, sooner or later the words "Animal Farm" come to mind in such circumstances. Anyway, let us see what happens.

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