Monday, December 20, 2010

Cable may be talking sense again

Vince Cable claims that David Cameron will seek to scrap or reduce the winter fuel allowance paid to pensioners from next year.

Downing Street sources said yesterday that Mr Cameron had no intention of scrapping the payment.

Cable says "the problem is not that they (many Govt actions) are Tory inspired, but that they haven’t thought them through. We should be putting a brake on them.”

He also says "If they push me too far then I can walk out of the Government and bring the Government down and they know that.”

IMO: Good for Vince !  It is well known internationally (e.g. India, Australia) that coalitions do work, but this one (the 'Duckpond and Moat' coalition) is not doing very well. The idea seems to be to steal from poor people and pay the wealthy. That is a method of governing which was successful in the past, but it hardly fits modern times, even in an intellectually backward country like the UK. I wish Cable success if he can put forward decent moral views. But I rather doubt it, in the present climate. In some respects the UK seems to be getting some of the bad morals of late Weimar in pre-WW2 Germany and I am not referring (particularly) to discrimination.

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