Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cable - "the man of the moment" ?

According to the "Sunday Herald", Vince Cable is the man of the moment.

On the Murdoch issue, it is said that Cable correctly referred the proposal to the communications regulator, Ofcom, to remove himself from the process.

If the high-profile Vince Cable is the man of the moment, what on earth has happened to the Chancellor, George Osborne?  In British politics chancellors have been very prominent figures, second only to the prime minister. Mr Osborne is bucking this trend, and lying pretty low. No doubt it suits him to do so. The Opposition should be flushing him out, if that is the appropriate phrase. But this Opposition is weakly led, and generally inept.

IMO: It is certainly true, as the Herald says, that the Labor opposition is inept. Any party that could appoint as leader a person who his own mother said she would not vote for is lacking in many respects. And the Labor platform is muddled and undisciplined, as is the Labor party. It was not always thus, and one of Cable's big problems is the shabby nature which any alternative government might have, let alone the even shabbier coalition which he supports and which seems to want to kill off the poor elderly by life termination due to the cold weather. The latter is very typical Tory behaviour. And have things really changed with the Liberals since Jeremy Thorpe seems to have gone around killing rent boy's dogs and helping himself to money ?

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