Friday, September 10, 2010

Six subs for Rs 50,000 crore

The Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC), chaired by defence minister A K Antony, has finally decided that three of the six submarines will be constructed at Mazagon Docks (MDL) in Mumbai and one at Hindustan Shipyard Ltd ( HSL) in Visakhapatnam, with the help of a foreign collaborator.

IMO: These are AIP submarines and with Brahmos, may provide substantial defence for some time. Perhaps better for purpose and more environmentally acceptable than nuclear subs. Especially with the USA and indeed many of its allies becoming obvious 'whacko's, all this may well be necessary but it is a very great expense for a very poor nation. The fact that some western do-gooders may see little need, probably shows their basic ignorance and often their barely concealed desire for even further exploitation. All the above being said, of course the expense is still a worry.

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