Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Prescott bugging

Guido claims Prescott was not bugged and that the idea that he was, was denied by the police. He then says Prescott is a liar.

In fact Yates refused to say who was on the list of people who may have had their phones hacked, but did say John Prescott was not on the list. Yates also insisted that being on a list did not mean someone's phone had been hacked. The police only found evidence of crimes being committed in about 12 cases, he said.

IMO: The statement thus only seems to prove the police had a provisional and doubtful list anyway.

But Security-Portal have a recent headline "Lord Prescott 'targeted by phone hackers'" and seem to think Prescott might have been bugged.

IMO: From what we hear about the "News of the World" it would be an almost unbelievable proposition that the then deputy Prime Minister was NOT hacked by NoW. And whilst Cameron may well be rather nervously trying to look smug since he use taxpayer's money to bribe the former NoW hacker-in-chief to work for him, he is probably being hacked right now by NoW.

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