Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Poor William Hague

The Mirror writes "With the millions he has made from writing books, business roles and public speaking, he has cemented himself into the establishment.... the fact he has let himself be forced into this position (apparently by Guido) means questions will be asked about his judgement."

IMO: Certainly, after Thorpe and his homosexuality denials and his Mary Bale behaviour to dogs, and after the present parliamentary continued dishonesty as regards expenses, Hague's denials mean nothing. We can echo Christine Keeler on members of parliament generally : "Well they would say that, wouldn't they ?" And what a sorry state the UK finds itself in when the BBC even want to censor the Stig (not that Hague claims to be the Stig, perhaps he was saving that claim till the next election and he will probably need to be the Stig to get out of town quickly enough if his parliamentary activities are examined).

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