Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Nation - P.Z. Myers on Obama

In his article "That's not my nation, Mr President", P.Z. Myers seems to give a particularly clear and penetrating view of the US circumstance for any practising scientist or philosopher, not necessarily an atheist or a sceptic. I think that if I were a US citizen and a Democrat I'd still support Obama, as suitable alternatives who many will vote for, do not seem to be there. It is like they used to say back in Australia 'Any worthwhile potential politician in his youth, will want to be an Independent' (That really is politics as it is, like it or not). There is also the possibility of the end of atheism and even agnosticism, in the US, as I have commented on earlier in this blog.

IMO: I like this view of P.Z. Myers. FWIW, I like even more attending the (religious) Ganesh  Chaturthi celebrations in Goa, India, which I will be doing in a few days time. As most people realise, religion can bring many virtues, as well as some underlying problems.

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