Thursday, September 02, 2010

The last days of America - symptoms?

A delegation of senior Pakistani military officials visiting the United States for a major defense conference headed home in protest Tuesday night after they said they were interrogated and rudely treated by security officials at Dulles International Airport.

The officers were on a junket in the USA, and had been travelling extensively; one of them said words to the effect of, "I hope this is my last flight." This was interpreted as a terrorist threat by a flight attendant. Dulles security did not let the men contact their embassy or the US military officials who were hosting them.

BoingBoing also says "The chairman of Qantas was detained at a West Coast airport for "possessing airplane seating plans"  (She - yes, she - was on her way to Seattle to negotiate a major 747 order). When she explained this to the goon, he said "Airline chairmen ain't women"....". So it happens to everyone in th US.

IMO: These Paki officers, and particularly ISI, tend to think of getting everything their own way.  Also, since NATO (and US army) gets all its fuel (for example) from Pakistani refineries (including jet fuel) and its ammo from Pakistani factories and it's food and ice-cream from Karachi, they are running seriously short. The basic problem seems to be in the ill running of Pakistan, maybe Kissinger type management consultants are needed in Pakistan like they had in China. And perhaps we are near the end for US as a nation, as the Chinese are now moving into Pakistan, and that should worry everybody, especially Pakistanis.

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