Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fat cats squander welfare budget on themselves rather than on Northern poor

Welfare spending to be cut by £4bn, says George Osborne. The government is planning to reduce the annual welfare bill by a further £4bn, Chancellor George Osborne has told the BBC.

Labour said the plans would hit the poorest in society, including pensioners and disabled people, rather than the "work-shy".

And BBC-commissioned research suggests industrial areas in the North East and Midlands are least resilient to such changes. Middlesbrough is ranked as the most vulnerable to cuts, followed by Mansfield in Nottinghamshire and Stoke-on-Trent. These are primarily Labor constituencies.

IMO: Purely impartially, generally speaking it seems that apparently dodgy characters who hack MP's phones like Andy Coulson are to continue to get large sums of money but people who vote Labor and are poor are to be penalised. And where is there any real intention to create, rather than destroy, jobs anywhere at all. Even Vince Cable is cutting potential export chances by reducing science grants. With the fat cats, fit only for the dustbin, it is all "Pull up the ladder, Jack, I'm on board".

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