Thursday, September 09, 2010

Delhi Commonwealth Games

Games should be quite successful, at least by local standards. I hope visitors have a good time. As usual UK BBC are saying that the dalits etc are not being well treated.

IMO: Hindustan Times think things could be done better, and I have to agree. AFAIK, the monumental old buildings around Connaught Place for example, seem to be having cheaply made alternatives being put in place.

Union railway minister Mamata Banerjee told reporters here on Wednesday 8th September  that money will be given to the sports ministry and “it is up to them to carry forward”.
The minister’s announcement to this effect is significant given that the railways is the lead partner for the Games and had committed 100 crores by way of sponsorship money to the organising committee. Not all of the 100 crore will be in monetary terms though as the railways will take into account the special trains that it will run to Agra and Jaipur during the games duration as part of the sponsorship.

However, the swirl of charge of irregularities that the Games organising committee has found itself in recent months has prompted Ms Banerjee’s ministry to decide to hand over the money to the sports ministry instead.

The railways decision is yet another slap in the face of the organising Committee which has also been accused of being lackadaisical and tardy in executing the various projects in preparation for the games.

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