Sunday, September 05, 2010

British Army

General Sir Richard Dannatt, has launched an attack on Ministry of Defence bureaucrats, accusing them of being detached from the reality of life for frontline troops.

It wasn't Tony Blair who lost the battle for Basra and it wasn't Gordon Brown either. It was the British army that was, essentially, defeated in the field. One can see why the army wants everyone to forget or ignore this and blame the civilian leadership but that's not quite good enough, is it? It's nice to be able to blame everything on the politicians especially since doing so permits the top brass to escape any responsibility for their own failures.

Gen Dannatt, who was Chief of General Staff from 2006-09, described the MoD as a "Byzantine" department which operates in a "cocooned environment" and puts vested interests ahead of the needs of troops, meaning "the man on the ground has been short-changed".

Wounded U.K. war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq were expected Sunday to be forced out of the services in a cull that the British government fears will provoke accusations of betrayal.
Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to ax 5,000 troops who are medically unfit, including the majority of those who lost their limbs in bomb explosions and roadside ambushes.

IMO: I really cannot see much to favor any of these people, but the Condemn Party - who apparently now employ Dannett as advisor - seem to be a bunch of Mary Bales, see recent Private Eye cartoon where a large Condemn party 'fat cat' is shown throwing a veteran or a frail OAP into a rubbish bin.

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