Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worries about Nick Clegg

The deputy prime minister has expressed his shock at the actions of a woman who dumped a cat in a bin.  Mr. Clegg had said "To see the reaction to that extraordinary clip of the lady putting the cat into the bin - quite rightly people don't understand how that could possibly happen."

IMO: Is this the right man to decide whether the UK requires Trident ? He cannot even understand a cat. It seems details of what is to be done, are to be kept secret till the 'government' decide what to do about Trident. It seems to me that the matter is quite a complex one - nuclear deterrence, for example, can take many forms and is not  just the economics of refurbishing old submarines. Also, sadly, there are nowadays far cheaper and more lethal means of defence than Trident. Every UK Government so far has kept Trident as is, whatever the reasons and whatever its earlier pledges to voters. I find it hard to imagine that all these people have suddenly lost their principles on election. We are never told the facts and I wonder why not. I certainly don't know what should be done as we do not have the facts. As for Mary Bale, as I have already said, she is easy enough to understand, but it seems possible that Governments who neither 'understand' nor attempt to stop or remedy serious bank defaults are not running defense satisfactorarily if they cannot understand such actions as hers, and even worse, assume nobody else can either. I am not about to say something extreme like "We need our own Assange" but I really would think that more adequate and sensible public information is desirable. We have been virtually dragooned into a EU that most voters do not want. That is not to take sides on the matter. What we certainly do need is a more effective democracy and Clegg does not even seem to give more than token support to a mild proposal like AV.

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