Monday, August 30, 2010

Russian subs stalk Trident in echo of Cold War

Russian submarines are hunting down British Vanguard boats in a return to Cold War tactics not seen for 25 years, Navy chiefs have warned.

And the Russian bombers have certianly been testing NATO defences around the UK for some time now.

IMO: However, a recent Cryptome document suggests that Obama is becoming more right wing than G.W. Bush, and that Western intelligence is ill informed and not up to date. The Russians have always behaved apparently reasonably well towards India, whilst just recently, Private Eye reported the current pilfering of $2 billion by the ill-run, incompetent and corrupt UK from India, reported here earlier. And in Pakistan, for those not keen on Al Quaeda, the Sufi Zadari may still be the best choice for all as ruler. Reasonably Al Quaeda do not regrard Sufis as 'regular Muslims' and the historical fact was certainly that Sufis were forced to become Muslims when they are actually Sufis.

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