Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A priest mentions a lot of people do not support Ratzinger and says many invitees (priests etc) to his UK meetings (sometimes 50%) refuse to go.

He gives a lot of reasons, some of which I summarise briefly, more details within this text. The details sound consistent and are apparently held by many others.

- Ratzinger is systematically demolishing Vatican II Council
- He supported every group of right wing nutcases within the Catholic Church including the objectionable Opus Dei and Legionaires of Christ, while at the same time attacking Catholic groups who were fighting for social justice and human rights across the globe.
- Any Catholic who is aware of what happened in Latin America in the seventies and eighties see Ratzinger as the enemy of justice.
- Ratzinger continues to not only harbour and give a place of prominence, to pedophiles.
- Ratzinger continues to surround himself with discredited characters.
- Ratzinger attempting to fast track sainthoods for now discredited Popes.
- Ratzinger welcomes holocaust deniers.
- Ratzinger welcomes mysogonist and homophobic married priests not really wanted by the Anglican Church
- Ratzinger attacks women in the Church.

IMO: I am not connected with these views or others but it puzzles me why Mr. Cameron, so happy to cut benefits and barely allowing school milk to the under 5s, will pay maybe 15 million pounds for for this guy to come to the UK. By the sound of it he might as well invite Osama bin Laden - possibly a good idea. Maybe Cameron is scared of high Tory supporters and is scared that more Tory misdeeds will emerge.

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