Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan aid

Human Rights activist Ansar Burney has urged the Pakistan government to accept the donation offered by India for the flood relief work “in the greater interest of peace and love.”  On the one hand the Pakistan administration are begging the world for help and accepting all donations and on the other they are not accepting a donation of “love and peace” from India, Mr. Burney has said.

IMO: This seems to be a serious worry. I have found many Pakistanis to be helpful and friendly but the present administration and any likely political administration seems to be in it for the money, which seems to mean anti-India agression and killing. Why ? Simply for money and criminal activities. People like Dawood Ibrahim and Headley find sanctuary in Pakistan, while because of maladministration and corruption, honest Pakistanis suffer and die. If things do not improve, Pakistan will become as corrupt as the UK which just lives off foreigners. I have to say that if I were a Pakistani living in the UK, my first thought might be to join the Taliban because of treatment in the UK which is no longer the 'little England' of the TV show but practically 'little WW2 Nazi Germany' . India sees that Pakistanis are just the same people as Indians and simply wants to help them. So possibly Zardari is simply Cameron's 'Brokeback Mountain' buddy and both are in it for the money and do not care how many Pakis die. India copes with similar flooding on its own but the corrupt Paki regime put the money that could have saved Pakis into their own pockets. But I would advise against joining the Taliban, perhaps in the 1880s they also were freedom fighters for the subcontinent but today they are just the pals of some fat greedy oil sheiks and corrupt Americans, and decadent UK politicians. Trust Human Rights agencies not the Paki government.

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