Monday, August 23, 2010

P300 waves correlate with terrorist attack

A team at Northwestern University  has developed a new test which they claim if employed for a real-world scenario - like an imminent terrorist attack - could enable the police to confirm details about an attack, like date, location, and even weapons. The P300 brain waves were measured by electrodes attached to the scalp of the make-believe "persons of interest" in the laboratory.

"Without any prior knowledge of the planned crime in our mock terrorism scenarios, we were able to identify 10 out of 12 terrorists and, among them, 20 out of 30 crime-related details," researcher Rosenfeld said.

IMO: Interesting, and seems to work for a few students but will it be reliable overall ?  There seems to be no obvious reason other than technical, individual and situational problems why it should not work. Maybe UK could try it on the Continuity IRA before they try to bomb the Tories.

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