Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lockerbie bomber could live until 2017, say doctors

Ashour Shamis, editor of the Akhbar Libya website, said yesterday: ‘I have been told by someone reliable that a medical source in Tripoli says Megrahi could live for up to seven years. They are looking after him very well. He has 24-hour care in his home and wherever he goes he has doctors with him.’

Former Labour MP Tam Dalyell said he wrote a letter of congratulations to Megrahi. ‘I’m certain that Megrahi is an innocent man.he said. ‘I’m pleased he was released.’

IMO: At least the Libyans help their own people. In the UK, serious important useful people like important scientists are persecuted and/or left to die in bad circumstances.  And if you are a poor OAP, the present government seem to be pressing you to die quickly. Disgraceful and sometimes contrary to usual human rights legislation. If elderly, try not to give in to these worthless criminal government jobsworth bastards without a struggle. In London people like MPs and their business cronies all sometimes seem to be simply trying to pay off their illegal narcotics suppliers and so forth,  I believe there have been over 800 serious narcotics raids in London alone recently.

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