Saturday, August 21, 2010

Julia Gillard : "I'm a ten pound Pom". Kath or Kim ?

As indeed is Tony Abbott. Bizarre.

IMO: It would probably be unkind to say 'and ten pounds is more than either of them are worth". But as a regular born actual Australian myself, who has not been there a lot recently and prefers India to either Australia or the UK, the impression left is that they are a pair of rather elderly 'Kath and Kim' type characters. Possibly they are better than that, but the overabundance in Australia of 'Kath and Kim' types and even worse, reverse stereotypes, does not actually make me shun the 'sunburnt country' I love but does not encourage me to return ever again. Many people seem to think it hardly matters which PM Australia eventually gets, but I never dreamt that one could consider wishing to have Kevin Rudd back. Why not offer the PM job to Rupert Murdoch and be done with it, he probably wouldn't accept it anyway. I never thought of Australians as mindless lost puppy dogs like the BBC seems to do, but with either of those two as PM they certainly need a lead.

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