Monday, August 02, 2010

Jail problem drinker MPs for 24 hours, says senior blogger

Kit Malthouse, the influential Conservative deputy mayor for London policing, is proposing that the government follow the example of a successful 24-hour scheme in South Dakota. "In the UK a similar scheme would be relatively easy to establish given our police structure. With a plethora of custody suites and prisons swift and certain incarceration could be achieved," Malthouse said today.

If Malthouse persists with his plan then senior blogger Paul Staines knows just the location to try out the new policy: a little upstream from City Hall, at a place where subsidised booze flows freely, disorder is common and employees are regularly drunk while at work. It’s hard to imagine that heavy-drinking MP’s would take kindly to being breathalysed.

Further, Staines recommends removing the alcohol subsidy in Westminster Parliament. MPs have no excuse for this subsidy and recent Parliamentary scenes of mass drunkeness hardly reflect well on Parliament.

IMO: Westminster Parliament is where the 'cuts' should be applied NOW. And since Staines himself was convicted of drunken driving in 2008, he clearly knows the score and is an authority to be respected, and - in this case - his advice should be taken before the country suffers dire consequences otherwise. We do not want this country to shame itself in front of leading Pakistanis. Admittedly Musheraff is believed to be a heavy drinker and Zardari has been seen to drink alcohol in public and this of course is haram (2:173 and 6:119 of the Holy Book apply in the circumstances outlined IMO).

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