Friday, August 13, 2010

India still debating whether to send aid to Pakistan

Pakistan's hapless millions prepare for another flood surge. India is debating whether to send flood relief to Pakistan and what form it should take.

As the Pakistan Daily Times says "Are Saudis, Iranis not Pakistan’s friends anymore?"

No, the Saudis and  Iranis are not Pakistan's friends now and they never have been.

IMO: India wants to help, after all we are all Indians but at this moment in time obviously this is a problem, India has also had floods with nearly 1000 dead, and is very short of money. David Cameron for example swindled India of 2 billion dollars it is thought in the UK, presumably to please his vile friends not fit for the sewer. Also there is the genuine and worrying strategic problem of the India/Pakistan disputes which basically seem to have begun with the divide and rule policies of Lord Mountbatten. Speaking from the UK, my reaction would be that aid to Pakistan could likely be money wasted, due to regime corruption in Pakistan. The Queen of England apparently sent some money through the British Red Cross, which I have also found to be kindly, helpful, and reliable and very nice people. Better to go through the British Red Cross than the rip-off PM David Cameron - perhaps Cameron is not as bad as the Queen's uncle Dickie was, but doubtless bad enough - or not indeed any other political parties, and not through an imam-based appeal. And if India is to send any help it should make sure it goes directly to the affected people and not through any politicans's hands.

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