Thursday, August 05, 2010

Impossible to close Wikileaks down Icelandic Journalist says

Journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson is not impressed by Liz Cheney’s words on Fox that Icelandic authorities should close the web page and said

“Wikileaks has servers all over the world, mirroring each other so that technically it would be impossible for Icelandic authorities to close the web page.”

“The words of this good woman show complete ignorance about the subject and no doubt an equal ignorance on the area under discussion and the cause that Wikileaks is fighting for. That comes as no surprise given who her father is.” (Liz Cheney is former Vice-President’s Dick Cheney’s daughter.)

Hrafnsson continues that it is incredible to hear that superior officers in the US suggest that Julian Assange’s hands are bloody. It is only rumored that the publication of the documents has lead to the death of some of those named.

He continued: “The Times of London checked what had happened to the people named in the documents and found one dead guy. He had been dead two years and it is difficult to put his blood on the hands of Julian Assange or others at Wikileaks.”

IMO: Well on the positive side, Wikileaks seems to have shown that US policies must be improved but it seems to me that a clean and relatively bloodfree (at least to the West) positive result is obtainable and in the long run it might bring civilisation to Afghans, which is possibly going to be needed by them to exist at all in the modern world. Afghans should not allow the Taliban to take advantage of them, and we will all have to put up with Americans for some time longer, and that is probably the lesser of the two evils.

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