Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gurinder Chadha

Apparently Gurinder Chadha is a Sikh film writer whose latest film is to be a life of Lord Mountbatten. Her earlier films "Bend it like Beckham" and "Its a Wonderful Afterlife" must have essentially used familiar (Southall) background. The first of these two of her films is well known, the second seems to have turned into a sort of Ealing Comedy style film where a Southall widow tries to marry off her fat daughter and of course kills suitors who do not agree to marry her. The spirits then return to life to haunt her. This seems to be a variation on a fairly common Bollywood theme, and must be at least more amusing than the continual retread "Harry Potter" films which so bedevil airline passengers.

It seems that she can hardly help to keep a jokey style from her films, and it is not difficult to see how, bearing in mind that she is a Southall Sikh, such a style can also arise in a film about Indian partition, perhaps not quite intentionally. However she apparently comes from Nairobi, Kenya and then Southall, England and thus does not have an Indian background. It is perhaps too caustic to suggest that the historic "Battle of Southall" might have been a more appropriate topic for her to try and I suppose we can only hope that the hold that comedy seems to have over her triumphs. This film could be a masterpiece but could also lead to unfavorable reviews and be immensely politically slanted.

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