Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gillard and Abbott

I'm not impressed by either, from what I read. Neither seem to be within a mile of say Bob Menzies or Ben Chifley.

There is a rather polemical and not entirely sound review of the matter in this URL, and this may roughly sum up things as they are. I am particularly worried about the (probably correct) comment that "Both seem content for Australia to continue to be a client of innovation in other societies, rather than an originator of new technology and processes by which it might thus gain new sources of  national wealth."

I also believe that climate change should be taken more seriously, Australia is in a fine position to become a leader in that field - this could bring in prestige and money.

And nonsense like Gillard's expensive desire to have 'school chaplains' at great expense and little use as stated, leaves me totally surprised and even a lttle worried.

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