Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fox attacked for donation

FOX News is under attack from Democrats over $US1 million ($A1.1 million) donated by the network's parent company to the Republican Governors Association.

And as might be expected, the UK Guardian tries to do a thoughtful commentary on the matter.

IMO: Guardian commnetary not too bad, but I take a slightly different view. Rupert is simply after making money, as with the UK Times paywall. And it is all a bit tricky. In essence, the Times paywall is kind of the reverse of the Ted Turner/Gennifer Flowers situation. Murdoch was using a money-making method there, just as Turner did but in the opposite way. It is a trap for young players who think the matter is as simple as setting up a paywall, or not. Fox News is obviously total crap anway, I gave one instance earlier in this blog and there are many others., Murdoch is siding quite frankly with one party over the other, and doing it in a way that lets him ignore the campaign finance limits in effect for individual candidates. But it is a bit more complicated than that. We seem to be getting near some kind of media tipping point, and Murdoch is taking an enclosure rather than a disclosure viewpoint. It could well be best to legislate against the fellow, even to force him to face a court. I'm far from sure. He apparently  still has US citizenship primarily for tax reasons, and there are plenty of levers there. There has got to be money in supporting a ridiculous party like the republicans, though. 

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