Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For intellectuals, it's Mamata all the way

Swami Agnivesh said "Buddhababu it is time for you to go on vanwas (exile). The time has run out for you. The Left Front government has to go."

Medha Patkar  said "Tribal land has to be restored to the tribals. Why should MNCs set up factories there? Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been playing the politics of bloodshed. In the name of development he has brought about destruction."

IMO: Mamata Banerjee has ensured that the people can now be talked to, impossible before in Lalgarh. Mamata's Monday rally at Lalgarh where she shared space with the PCPA leaders has rocked Parliament. Let us hope things have not been left too late. We cannot compare Mamata with such people as Bertrand Russell because unlike such well meaning people, Mamata is a supremely competent grass roots politican - not just a head in the air intellectual - and has stood up for Bengal and for India all her life. There is no direct comparison of Didi with Huey Long (Mamata always has been and remains, honest) but her methods have the fire and ability of Huey Long and the far reaching consequences. People forget today that Huey Long was an inspirational leader and was well on the way to being US President. Banerjee hopes to benefit the people of Bengal and I pray to the Lord Ganesh for her safety.

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